Catastrophic Injury

David A. Kapelman is a catastrophic injury lawyer representing people who have been catastrophically injured, including representing a young person who was paralyzed in an automobile roll over accident, people who suffered permanent injuries due to medical malpractice, lead paint poisoning, were victims of sexual assault or rape in an inadequately secured building, parking lot, swimming pool, school, school bus, camp or residential facility, people injured by vicious dogs, and people who were hurt or became disabled due to construction or other accidents or injuries.

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Victims of catastrophic injuries and their families need a lawyer with sensitivity and skill to make sure that they get full compensation for their injuries to help sustain them in the future. Mr. Kapelman knows the emotional and economic toll these kinds of injuries can have on an individual and family. He works hard to ensure that each client’s case is resolved as efficiently and fully as possible, without adding to the trauma already suffered.

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