Trip and Fall

A trip and fall lawyer will tell you that most of these accidents happen on property owned by governmental entities, companies or individuals. These entities have a duty to ensure that their premises are safe. Seen or unseen dangers such as disrepair, poor maintenance, debris or potholes can cause a trip and fall injury. Usually these accidents could have been avoided had the entity that owned the premises maintained or repaired the problem or had warned the victim of the danger.

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Physical harm sustained from these types of accidents can range from broken bones, or depending in the severity of the fall, spinal injuries, head trauma or wrongful death. It is very common as a result of an unexpected fall to hit your head which can result in a traumatic brain injury with long term neurological problems. If you have been injured, you deserve to be compensated.

These accidents can arise in many different scenarios. A stair in disrepair, a loose or missing railing, or unexpected pothole could cause a serious injury. Owners of residential, commercial and recreational properties all have the duty to keep their property safe and warn people of any dangerous conditions. If you or a loved one has been injured in a trip and fall accident, it is important to speak with a New York trip and fall injury lawyer from our office without delay. You have a right to be compensated for your injury.

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