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New York City, it’s one of the greatest cities in the world, and that’s indisputable. Some might even say it’s the greatest city of all. It’s a city that inspires, that challenges, and everyone who resides here is an essential part of the living and breathing fabric that makes New York City so great. But New York City is big, it’s busy, and it’s bursting with activity. With over 8 million people living in the city it’s by far America’s largest, at least in population. When you add in millions of private cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles; plus, delivery and construction vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians—all moving at a frenetic pace each and every day, you’ve created the ‘perfect storm’ for accidents to happen, and they do.

But it’s not just transportation-related, there are a million other ways accidents can happen, and when they do, people can get hurt, and injuries need medical attention and sometimes long-term care, and that costs money—lots of money. If you’ve been injured, either on the job, or simply just living your life, and the injury was due to someone or some entity’s negligence, you need a personal injury attorney to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

David Kapelman of the Law Offices of David A. Kapelman, P.C., started his private practice in 1980, that’s Over 39 years of law experience, fighting for the rights of New Yorkers like you. David was born in New York City and he takes pride in fighting for his fellow New Yorkers defending rights as their personal injury attorney, and getting them the maximum compensation for their injuries.

If you’ve been the victim of a construction accident, sexual assault, medical malpractice, a slip and fall injury, a subway or train accident or any transportation/movement type accident, a  dog bite or other animal attack, lead poisoning, faulty equipment, victim of violence as a failure to provide proper security of any sort, defective stairs, walkways, or sidewalks, etc., call us. We have a history of getting results, and winning cases. We get you the compensation you deserve. This is what we do; it’s all we do!

For over 39 years, seriously injured New Yorkers and their families have turned to the Law Offices of David A. Kapelman, P.C., a personal injury law firm to help them get fair compensation and justice. Mr. Kapelman has handled over 1,000 plaintiffs’ personal injury cases.

David A. Kapelman is a personal injury lawyer who believes the legal system is for everyone. He prides himself on providing close, personal attention to each client, providing visits to your home or the hospital if you can’t come to his office.

With his main office in mid-town Manhattan and satellite offices in the Bronx and Brooklyn, David A. Kapelman provides aggressive, sensitive representation to victims of construction accidents, lead paint poisoning, medical malpractice, birth injuries, premises liability including assaults and sexual assaults, slip-and-falls, dog bites, products liability, injuries caused by defective equipment or other products, vehicle rollovers, car and automobile accidents and any other personal injuries or accidents that result in serious injury or death.

An experience litigator, David A. Kapelman is not afraid to take on the most difficult cases, and he makes sure each client is treated with the respect and compassion they deserve. Call David A. Kapelman, P.C. for a FREE CONSULTATION. You will not be charged any attorney’s fees unless we recover damages for you. Expenses may be payable at the conclusion of your case. Hablamos Espanol.

Personal Injury Attorney, Manhattan, Bronx & Brooklyn

Verdicts & Settlements

Recovery of $3.875 million

In a Labor Law Section 240(1) case for a mechanical engineer who fell from a catwalk through an acoustical ceiling and sustained severe head injuries.

Every day in New York City and the greater New York City area, people are, unfortunately, suffering injuries. In 2018, due to traffic accidents alone, 200 people died. From traffic to construction, to assault, product liability, toxins, slip and falls, dog bites, and so much more, the list of ways people are suffering injuries in New York City is a long one. Let’s consider just a few of the most common categories.

Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney In NY?

When a third party’s negligence is the cause of a personal injury, a construction worker or his/her family may file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and earnings, wage capacity and many other potential losses as well. New York City and New York state have tough laws in place to protect workers, and workers’ compensation law entitles most construction workers who are injured while working their job, to certain cash benefits regardless of their immigration status—which includes undocumented construction workers.

Do I Need A Slip & Fall Accidents Attorney In NY?

With 8 million people living, working, walking, biking, driving, ascending stairs and descending stairs in New York City, there are ample opportunities for accidents to happen. Improperly labeled hazardous conditions, broken sidewalks, faulty stairs, etc., there are so many ways to be injured and often the injury is due to an individual’s or company’s negligence. Slip and fall injuries can be costly. Medical expenses can multiply quickly if you have an extended stay at the hospital, or even if you just have one visit to the emergency room. Slip and fall accidents can potentially cause life-changing damages that require ongoing care or lifetime care, and could even force you to retire from your job if you can no longer perform your duties.

Additionally, slip and fall injuries can sometimes develop slowly. You could slip and fall and feel fine afterward, but a day or two later you realize that something is seriously wrong and you’re in pain. In that situation, if you didn’t see a doctor immediately after your fall, the insurance company or negligent party could argue that your injuries happened later and that they are therefore not liable.

For all the reasons above, and then some, you absolutely need to hire an experienced slip and fall attorney as soon as you suffer your injury. Your slip and fall attorney will guide you through the early steps, advise you on what to do and not do, what to say and to whom, and what documentation you need to be gathering along the way. Whether you decide to work with our firm or not, always remember that you should never talk to an insurance adjuster or insurance company representative before speaking with your personal injury attorney. Whatever you say to them will be on record and could be used against you when they consider your settlement, or used against you in trial if the matter goes to court. If you decide to work with us, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best representation for your injury case that New York City has to offer. For nearly 39 years, David Kapelman has been working on cases just like yours and his track record is undeniable. If you’ve been injured, call him today; he can help.

Do I Need A Product Liability Attorney In NY?

Defective products, such as scaffolding and equipment, etc., are sometimes the cause of construction injuries, and when they are, a victim or their family members can file a ‘products liability claim’ to recover their damages.

Do I Need A Medical Malpractice Attorney In NY?

Every year, NYers are injured due to the negligence of medical and healthcare facilities and/or the workers. Medical malpractice, simply defined, is when a medical provider violates or breaches the general standard of care that results in an injury to the patient. Obviously, a ‘standard of care’ can vary greatly and can be interpreted loosely, but most courts agree on a general set of factors as the baseline, which also includes patient age and type of ailment.

Physicians, hospitals, clinics, etc. are aware that these kinds of cases arise from time to time, and as such they try to be as prepared as possible to contend with them. They’ll have legal representation and will, of course, be working hard to prove that you have no credible case, which is why it is imperative that you hire a skilled, seasoned personal injury attorney if you or a loved one have been injured due to their negligence. And if you’ve lost a loved one due to their negligence, a wrongful death attorney will build the evidence to support your case and claim, with the goal of holding them accountable for the death of your loved one.

Verdicts & Settlements

Recovery of $3.875 million

In a Labor Law Section 240(1) case for a mechanical engineer who fell from a catwalk through an acoustical ceiling and sustained severe head injuries.

Client Testimonials

“I must say, Mr. Kapelman is the best lawyer in New York City. I wish i could rate him 10000 stars..Wishing him many more years of success.”

Veronica R.

Bus, Bike & Train: The Injuries Of Transportation

The city is moving, night and day, hustling, bustling, a nonstop pulse of energy being expended. NYers travel 24 hours a day, by bus, by bike, by train, and by foot. For the most part, everyone gets out of bed, goes to work, works, comes home, and they do it all without injury. However, there are those who are not so fortunate, and it’s really a matter of statistics because with so many people and movement, crashes and collisions are to be expected.

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones, and you’re injured, you’ll need a personal injury attorney to ensure that you’re covered. If you are engaged in an accident, crash, or collision, insurance companies will be involved, and insurance companies do not like to pay out. They like to collect, but they abhor paying out. And when insurance companies realize they must pay out, they typically will, but they often attempt to decrease that number to the point it’s barely visible without the use of an electron microscope. The point is, you’ll need a savvy personal injury attorney to ensure that you’re not a victim for a second time—a victim of an insurance company’s manipulation as they compensate you a pittance, far below what you actually deserve.

And if your injury claim is filed against New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), or a corporation, you can count on that being a complex, extended case, which is all the more reason you’ll need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. Having a skilled, savvy personal injury attorney representing you can sometimes make the difference between zero compensation and adequate compensation for your injuries and damages in an accident. Remember, while it may be crystal clear to you that that MTA bus ran the red light and hit you while you were legally walking in a crosswalk, if another party’s insurance company is involved, they often find a different narrative to tell, one that makes them not liable at all or only barely liable. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Call David Kapelman of the Law Offices of David A. Kapelman, P.C. and let us fight for you.

Construction Accidents

New York City is a city that is ever-evolving, and construction never stops in the city that never sleeps. Whether it’s a new high rise going up in Lower Manhattan, or a remodel on a Flatbush brownstone, construction is happening in New York City, and it’s never going to stop. In fact, as of September of 2019 there are 7,249 active major construction permits in New York City.

Construction accident victims who are injured on a construction site may be able to pursue one or several types of claims, and your construction accident attorney can assist you with the process, whether it’s an easy file and get compensated situation, or a trial before a jury to win the compensation you deserve. Listed below are a few of the avenues through which construction accident victims may possibly be compensated.

Lead Paint Poisoning

According to data released by the New York City Health Department, there has been an 89% decrease, since 2005, in the number of children below the age of 18 who have blood lead levels at or above 5 mcg/dL. This is, of course, wonderful news, but the problem of lead poisoning in New York City dwellings, especially in low and moderate income buildings, is by no means over. The aforementioned health department data also noted that in 2018 alone, 3,866 New York City children under the age of 6 were found to have blood lead levels of 5 mcg/dL or higher—a disturbing number indeed.

Lead poisoning is a perennial problem in New York City, and these kinds of cases can be complex and drawn out, especially because the settlements can sometimes be quite high. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a negligent lead paint poisoning, get medical attention immediately, then call us. The Law Offices of David A. Kapelman, P.C. was created precisely for cases like these. Attorney Kapelman was born in New York City and there is nothing he takes greater pride in than defending the rights of his fellow NYers, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Wrongful Death

When the unspeakable happens on a construction site, and someone loses their life, a victim’s family can then file a wrongful death claim to get compensated for all reasonable expenses, such as the pain and suffering endured by the victim, any lost wages and/or benefits due to the victim, lost inheritance, and the general value of necessary parental care. If you’ve lost a family member or loved one due to wrongful death, contact a wrongful death attorney or construction accident attorney immediately.

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